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2020 Staff Photo

click to enlarge JAMES BUCK
  • James Buck

Front row, from left: Cathy Resmer, James Buck

Second row, from left: Elizabeth Seyler, Pamela Polston, Don Eggert, Michael Bradshaw, Paula Routly, Chelsea Edgar

Third row, from left: Jeff Baron, Diane Sullivan, Andrea Suozzo, Robyn Birgisson, Mookie, Dan Bolles, Carolyn Fox, Jordan Barry, Margaret Grayson, Sasha Goldstein, Sally Pollak, Alison Novak, Courtney Lamdin, Kevin McCallum

Back row, from left: Kirsten Thompson, Corey Grenier, Jordan Adams, John James, Matt Weiner, Bryan Parmelee, Margot Harrison, Marcy Carton, Rizzo, Kaitlin Montgomery, Logan Pintka, Moxie, Matthew Roy, Katie Hodges, Michelle Brown, Colin Flanders, Ken Picard, Derek Brouwer

Missing: Paul Heintz, Candace Page, Kristen Ravin, Eva Sollberger, Colby Roberts

And endless gratitude to our trusty delivery technicians: Harry Applegate, Monica Ashworth, Joe and Pat Bouffard, Colin Clary, Elana Coppola-Dyer, Donna Delmoora, Matt Hagen, Nat Michael, Bill Mullins, Dan Nesbitt, Dan Thayer

See the full Seven Days staff photo album since 1996.



  • Paula Routly

    Paula Routly





    ext. 112

  • Pamela Polston

    Pamela Polston


    Associate Publisher


    ext. 111

  • Don Eggert

    Don Eggert

    Associate Publisher/Co-Owner

    ext. 120

  • Cathy Resmer

    Cathy Resmer

    Deputy Publisher/Co-Owner

    ext. 114

  • Colby Roberts

    Colby Roberts

    Associate Publisher/Co-Owner

    ext. 117


News & Politics

  • Matthew Roy

    Matthew Roy


    ext. 128

  • Sasha Goldstein

    Sasha Goldstein

    Deputy Editor

    ext. 145

  • Candace Page

    Candace Page

    Consulting Editor

    ext. 156

  • Derek Brouwer

    Derek Brouwer

    Staff Writer

    ext. 123

  • Chelsea Edgar

    Chelsea Edgar

    Staff Writer

    ext. 157

  • Colin Flanders

    Colin Flanders

    Staff Writer

    ext. 141

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson

    Political Columnist

    ext. 126

  • Courtney Lamdin

    Courtney Lamdin

    Staff Writer

    ext. 127

  • Kevin McCallum

    Kevin McCallum

    Staff Writer

    ext. 139

  • Alison Novak

    Alison Novak

    Staff Writer

    ext. 134

  • Anne Wallace Allen

    Anne Wallace Allen

    Staff Writer

    ext. 154


Arts & Life

  • Pamela Polston

    Pamela Polston


    ext. 111

  • Margot Harrison

    Margot Harrison

    Associate Editor

    ext. 163

  • Dan Bolles

    Dan Bolles

    Assistant Editor

    ext. 118

  • Elizabeth Seyler

    Elizabeth Seyler

    Assistant Editor


    ext. 151

  • Chris Farnsworth

    Chris Farnsworth

    Music Editor

    ext. 153

  • Emily Hamilton

    Emily Hamilton

    Calendar Writer

    ext. 150

  • Carolyn Fox

    Carolyn Fox

    Special Publications Manager


    ext. 138

  • Jordan Adams

    Jordan Adams

    Staff Writer

    ext. 124

  • Jordan Barry

    Jordan Barry

    Food Writer

    ext. 152

  • Melissa Pasanen

    Melissa Pasanen

    Food Writer

    ext. 164

  • Ken Picard

    Ken Picard

    Staff Writer

    ext. 125

  • Sally Pollak

    Sally Pollak

    Staff Writer

    ext. 162

  • Frank Smecker

    Frank Smecker

    Assistant Proofreader

    ext. 115


Digital & Video

  • Bryan Parmelee

    Bryan Parmelee

    Digital Production Specialist

    Humor Columnist

    ext. 155

  • Eva Sollberger

    Eva Sollberger

    Senior Multimedia Producer

    ext. 159

  • James Buck

    James Buck

    Multimedia Journalist

    ext. 123



  • Don Eggert

    Don Eggert

    Creative Director

    ext. 120

  • Diane Sullivan

    Rev. Diane Sullivan

    Art Director

    ext. 135

  • John James

    John James

    Production Manager

    ext. 144

  • Jeff Baron

    Jeff Baron


    ext. 161

  • Kirsten Thompson

    Kirsten Thompson


    ext. 149


Sales & Marketing

  • Colby Roberts

    Colby Roberts

    Director of Sales

    ext. 117

  • Michael Bradshaw

    Michael Bradshaw

    Senior Account Executive

    ext. 113

  • Robyn Birgisson

    Robyn Birgisson

    Account Executive

    ext. 116

  • Michelle Brown

    Michelle Brown

    Account Executive

    ext. 121

  • Logan Pintka

    Logan Pintka

    Account Executive

    ext. 129

  • Corey Grenier

    Corey Grenier

    Marketing & Events Director

    ext. 136

  • Katie Hodges

    Katie Hodges

    Sales & Marketing Coordinator
    Classifieds, Personals, Life Lines, Classes,
    Seven Days Tickets

    ext. 110



  • Marcy Carton

    Marcy Carton

    Business Manager

    ext. 131

  • Matt Weiner

    Matt Weiner

    Director of Circulation

    ext. 132




Contributing Writers

    Luke Baynes, Justin Boland, Alex Brown, Rick Kisonak, Jacqueline Lawler, Amy Lilly, Jim Schley, Julia Shipley, Molly Zapp


Contributing Artists

    Luke Awtry, Harry Bliss, James Buck, Rob Donnelly, Luke Eastman, Caleb Kenna, Sean Metcalf, Matt Mignanelli, Marc Nadel, Tim Newcomb, Oliver Parini, Sarah Priestap, Kim Scafuro, Michael Tonn, Jeb Wallace-Brodeur


Delivery Technicians

    Harry Applegate, Joe Bouffard, Pat Bouffard, Colin Clary, Elana Coppola-Dyer, Jeremy Day, Donna Delmoora, Kirk Flanagan , Matt Hagen, Nat Michael, Bill Mullins, Dan Nesbitt, Ezra Oklan, Dan Thayer, Josh Weinstein, Steve Yardley

    With additional circulation support from PP&D.


Circulation Info

Seven Days is published by Da Capo Publishing, Inc. every Wednesday. It is distributed free of charge in greater Burlington, Middlebury, Montpelier, Stowe, the Mad River Valley, Rutland, St. Albans, St. Johnsbury, White River Junction and Plattsburgh. The newspaper is printed at Quebecor Media Printing in Laval, Québec.

Circulation: 36,000.



  • 6-month, 1st class: $175
  • 12-month, 1st class: $275
  • 6-month, 3rd class: $85
  • 12-month, 3rd class: $135

Please call 802-864-5684 with your Visa or Mastercard or email the Circulation Manager, or mail your check or money order to "Subscriptions" to the address at the bottom of this webpage.


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